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Three Taco Bell employees who were all carrying guns during a shift put them to use on Wednesday to shoot and kill an attempted armed robber.

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Prolific massacres include the 1991 San Ysidro Mc Donald's shooting in California when 22 were killed and 19 were injured.In May 2000, seven employees at a Wendy's in Flushing, New York, died in a separate mass shooting.All the employees and all the customers are safe,' Giles told Taco Bell has issued a statement to say it is cooperating with authorities and that it had offered counselling to the three employees.All were armed when two masked robbers stormed the restaurant at 2.45am on Wednesday to demand cash.

The employees, two of whom are 19 and one is 23, opened fire, shooting one of them in the ribs. When police arrived at the restaurant, they found the attempted robber unconscious with a loaded gun in his hand.

It is not known whether Arthur Giles, the franchise owner of the Taco Bell where the shooting occurred on Wednesday, allows employees to bring their weapons to work or if the men have concealed-carry licenses.

A staff member reels in disbelief outside the Taco Bell in Cleveland, Ohio, where three employees shot and killed an armed robber on Wednesday.

They would not elaborate on the details and said they would wait until police officers arrived to discuss it.

'Everyone at the store is okay, from my understanding.

A new law that was introduced in March made it legal for employees at gun-free businesses to bring their firearms into company parking lots so long as they were contained within their own private vehicle.