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The higher-end line features grain-to-bottle spirits built on Colorado crops, including barley from Root Shoot Malting in Loveland and corn, rye, and wheat from Whiskey Sisters Supply, a brokerage firm on the eastern plains.The vodka will be primarily wheat-based, with some corn and malted barley thrown in for flavor; Masters is aiming for a round, soft spirit.

Since 2006, we have been welcoming guests and enjoying their delight as they experience their dream vacations, nestled among the hills and valleys of a magical and natural environment called Cascina Rosso.Agriturismo Piccapane is located in the heart of Salento, in the south of Italy.Located in Lo Hi next door to Root Down, the Family Jones is primed to do much more than make and sell spirits (although all of its booze will eventually be served at Edible Beats’ restaurants, from Linger to El Five).Complemented by a larger production facility in Loveland, the Denver outpost offers a 50-seat tasting room with a full bar program, a food menu focused on small plates, and a 150-gallon German CARL still that “is the perfect size for an R&D facility,” Masters says.So far, he’s developed extraordinary versions of crème de violet, crème de cacao, triple sec, amaretto (using Colorado pine and rosemary), and a take on dry vermouth.

Masters will make one-off spirits and liqueurs in collaboration with local chefs and mixologists, too.

There’s a sunken bar with plush, purple-topped stools; vibrant blue banquettes; juniper hanging from vertical planters along the concrete block walls; and most impressive of all, clear views of the copper still on the mezzanine, which sparkles from the skylights that surround it.

Cucci has brought his innovative ideas about hospitality, food, and service to the mix, creating a mash-up kitchen/bar area where the lines between front- and back-of-house are purposefully blurred.

Ohana is located inside the ancient walls of Moniga del Garda’s Castle: the pleasure of spending your holiday in a house built more than one thousand years ago, finely redecorated following the modern standard.

Casa Payer is a place where you can reconnect with nature and with yourselves to enjoy the simple rhythm and flow of the seasons, allowing time to be exactly what it is, the most precious of our possessions.

“The distillery sits on the mezzanine above the tasting room, and can make anything a good bartender needs for a world-class bar.” For starters, that means the Family Jones label vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, and rye, across two tiers.