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Google is the Internet, media and technology company responsible for some of the world’s most utilized Internet applications and social networking tools.

Most Internet users know Google as the leading search engine for information on the world wide web, but the company is also responsible for Android, Google Glasses and various applications that help make the Internet a more user-friendly and fluid space.

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Facebook, for instance, has options like a vibration or lighting up the flash on your device.

Personally, I have all notifications disabled on the Facebook app except for Facebook Messenger.

I would like only for the app icon to have a star or something to show there's a message for me and not pop up the whole message every time.

Within each app setting, you can configure how you would like to receive notifications.

As detailed above, we have just disabled notification so messaging, so we expect not to receive any notification for newly received messages.

If you want to receive notifications again from a disabled application, then you will just have to enable it again on your Application manager.

The following procedures will disable notifications for selected applications.

For demonstration purposes, we will show you on how to disable notifications on the messaging application.

Do you consider it such a nuisance that you have thought of uninstalling it, yet the need for the application keeps you from doing it?

If this is your case, then you may have just accepted the issue and convinced yourself to deal with it.

Some notification messages are important, like a notification that you have a short message, or a notice that you just missed a call. You do not want to receive a notification that your virtual pet is hungry or needs a bath unless you are really into taking good care of that cuddly-creature-on-phone.