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I don't ever recall reading a use in that sense.

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The sexual double entendre of "tickle [one's] fancy" might have been used in certain circles from very early days, but any such usage evidently did not taint the phrase significantly to dissuade serious-minded authors from continuing to use it.

The same might be said of the phrase as used in the present day by a great many people who have no intention of being salacious.

Another early instance presents an even less plausible occasion for double entendre.

From William Allen, But doubtless the inward Pride, the over-valuing of your selves, which I have been admonishing you of, hath had a great hand in bringing you to it [a belief "That the Light within, without being taught by man or by the Scripture, is the Rule of Faith and Practice"].According to Google Books Ngram, I was very much mistaken, since the 1970s the idiom has become increasingly popular in the US (blue line) whilst the opposite is true in the UK.Now for the Certainly the phrase "tickle your fancy" has been around (and used in the US in the presence of polite women and children) since the 50s, that I personally know of.And "fancy" has long been used as a verb/noun for "wish" or "desire" ("What do you fancy for dinner? One needs to beware that, being "slang", the phrase is not apt to appear in any academic works, and so early references found would tend to be in plays and novels, where a double entendre of sorts is much more likely, if only to make it past the [email protected] A - I've personally only heard the phrase used lewdly in "guy talk" ("Boy, I'd like to tickle her fancy!") where there was no need for a pre-existing double entendre sense.unlesse the Word of God had so many several relishes, agreeable to every ones liking: Even this, though Angels food shall be loathed, and nauseated, and surely this argues a carnal Spirit. ] βασιλικος bow to you and the Gospel of the Kingdome become so basely serviceable, as to do homage to your lusts?