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It also gets a dim display, but if you’re fine with these aspects, this computer could be a great buy.Disclaimer: I’ve spent about 2 weeks with an Acer Aspire R14 R5-471Ts test-sample and in this post I’m going to share with you my in-depth impressions gathered during this time.It's very odd that OEM installations are 32-bit and, seemingly, the Switch 10 cannot boot from a 64-bit EFI file - since it has a 64-bit CPU, according to my OEM 32-bit Windows...

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The test unit was sent over by Acer for the purpose of this review, and was returned afterwards.This new Aspire R14 is nothing like the previous R14, which we tested here on the site a while ago.But like I said, while its body is fairly compact and the screen folds on nicely in tablet mode, the weight pretty much guarantees you won’t be able to hold this computer for too long in your hands before getting tired.I was pleasantly surprised by the two hinges, which feel solid and actually have what Acer calls a “dual torque mechanism”.They are soft for the first 90-degrees of their run, which means you can easily lift up the screen with a single hand, but toughen past that point, to keep the display properly in place as you set it up and ensure it does not wobble.

On the practical side, the palm-rest appears to be small on this computer, as the keyboard is placed lower on the body, which actually leaves a significant amount of dead-space above.

I have an Acer Aspire Switch 10 and I want to boot with a USB stick or a DVD-reader.

I only can boot with a Windows 8 instal disk in it, having an EFI file on the DVD.

I want to do a virus scan undependable of its own windows and I want to make an image of the system as it is now.

I tried several ways of installing the EFI BIOS but I can't get it working.

If you only have around 0 and seek a very well built with modern features, you'll hardly find anything better than this Acer Aspire R14.