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///WRETCHES AND LUMINOUS WRETCHES////////////////////////////////////////////// So similar, yet so different. A few bullets with the Lancer or a blast with the Shotgun, and they're toast. You can sometimes even get them stuck behind a wall or something for an easy kill. The chainsaw is useful in emergencies where switching to the shotgun would take too long. Fair warning: you will hate the Reavers, the Locusts, the game, the Xbox, yourself, and the entire world after the Turret section on the train. The only way to make it manageable is to play that part in Co-Op, and even then it's exceedingly difficult. It's good at picking off enemies from a fair distance.

When killed with anything except the chainsaw, they explode, so watch out! Hold down R too long, and the bow will automatically fire the arrow. I found the general lack of ammo made this weapon too difficult to use regularly. Longshot - The Longshot is useful during certain segments of the game, and a necessity on Insane. ///Luminous Wretches/// Their brothers are the luminous version of them. However, the Longshot IS a good alternative, and on Insane, the Longshot is THE weapon to use. Other useful weapons are - ///OTHER USEFUL WEAPONS//////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Torque Bow - I only traded my shotgun in for these during the last chapter, though, because they are unbelievably useful against RAAM. If you don't hold down R long enough, the shot will not be powerful enough to penetrate the enemies. Throughout most of the game, you will most likely have a shotgun. If you try to run into the middle of a firefight with the intent of chainsawing someone, think again. Boomshot - Probably useful during some segments, but not enough that those segments couldn't be beat with other weapons.

INSANE: The Wretches go from a minor annoyance in Hardcore to a major pain in the ass on Insane. It has a relatively low ammo count, so you must be careful not to miss too much.EMF Safety Network We envision a world free of EMF pollution where children, communities, and nature thrive!Our mission is to educate and empower people by providing science and solutions to reduce EMFs to improve lives, achieve public policy change, and obtain environmental justice.However,| |to my knowledge the PC and Xbox360 releases are mostly identical, so this FAQ| |may be used throughout the majority of Gears of War PC. He can and will push you around, so the easiest way to win without glitching him is to just take him out from a distance with the Longshot. Plan a route that puts you in a better position than your enemies!| | | |Thank you for using my FAQ if you continue to do so. ///OTHER/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Always plan ahead! And if you can't do any of that, move with the cover and advance on your enemies, and don't let them overpower you! They will kill you almost instantaneously should they touch you. In the chapter "Burnt Rubber" at the end of Act 2, they can be killed (so enjoy it). The Torque Bow is an excellent weapon to use against them (and, conveniently, you almost always find one near a fight with Reavers). This makes the shotgun practically worthless, as it's best to take them out from a distance so their explosions aren't a problem. The Magnum is the most powerful pistol, so it's the best choice for this slot.