Updating data source and non sedating

My Fragment Pager In case of Fragment State Pager Adapter we will only override get Item Position() method in the same way as we just did in the Fragment Pager Adapter.

We will not override on Instantiate Item() method in Fragment State Pager Adapter since Fragment State Pager Adapter destroys the fragments which go off the screen and creates a new fragment every time it needs one all over again.

Fragment Manager does not hold the fragments which are going off the screen and simply destroys it.

(Two instances of the same binary can run side-by-side in this case; one as a server, and the other running briefly as a client and then terminating.) There are lots of reasons you might want to run your own server, but most of them can be summarized as: you can trust your own server, you have control over its workload, and you're not at the mercy of others to decide when and how you can access it.

Of course, you must practice good network security to protect your server from malicious hackers.

* Currently Active Fragments means one which is currently visible one is before it and one is after it.

* * @param object Active Fragment reference * @return Returns the index of the currently active fragments.

In simplest implementation, we return View or Fragment created in instantiate Item(View Group, int) itself and in is View From Object(View, Object) method we simply compare View and Object to check the association between them.

My Pager If the number of fragments are large, it will take a lot of memory if we use Fragment Pager Adapter because it never destroys the Fragments once created.In every other aspect it is just like the Fragment Pager Adapter.If we populate or update our data collection with new data and call notify Data Set Changed() on adapter(Pager Adapter or Fragment Pager Adapter or Fragment State Pager Adapter instance), adapter’s get Item Position(Object) is called.Don’t forget to call super.instantiate Item(container, position) at end of the method.In this way we can update the fragment with new data.It is called for all the active pages of the adapter(three maximum).