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# cd /tmp ---------------------------- On 32-bit Systems ---------------------------- # wget Office_4.1.2_Linux_x86-64_install-deb_gz ---------------------------- On 64-bit Systems ---------------------------- # wget Office_4.1.2_Linux_x86_install-deb_gz # cd /tmp ---------------------------- On 32-bit Systems ---------------------------- # wget Office_4.1.2_Linux_x86-64_install-rpm_gz ---------------------------- On 64-bit Systems ---------------------------- # wget Office_4.1.2_Linux_x86_install-rpm_gz -------------------- On Debian and its Derivatives -------------------- # tar -xvf Apache_Open Office_4.1.2_Linux_x86-64_install-deb_gz [For 32-bit] # tar -xvf Apache_Open Office_4.1.2_Linux_x86_install-deb_gz [For 64-bit] -------------------- On Red Hat based Systems -------------------- # tar -xvf Apache_Open Office_4.1.2_Linux_x86_install-rpm_gz [For 64-bit] # tar -xvf Apache_Open Office_4.1.2_Linux_x86-64_install-rpm_gz [For 32-bit] -------------------- On Debian and its Derivatives -------------------- # dpkg -i en-US/DEBS/*en-US/DEBS/desktop-integration/openoffice4.1-debian-*-------------------- On Red Hat based Systems -------------------- # rpm -Uvh en-US/RPMS/*en-US/RPMS/desktop-integration/openoffice4.1.2-redhat-*View all Posts Ravi Saive I am Ravi Saive, creator of Tec Mint.

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When I use Libre Office Writer I can't print envelopes.The screen showing the paper type options has everything grayed out and is stuck on letter size 8.5x11 paper.This article is focused on how to install Apache Open Office 4.1.3 which is the most stable released version, on the various Linux distribtuions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.This release is a maintenance release incorporating important bug fixes, security fixes, updated dictionaries, as well as build fixes.Open Office is used by more than 130 millions of users across the globe in corporates, homes and research centers with almost in 38 languages.

It is available freely for download and works on all common systems.The following installation instructions shows you how to install Apache Open Office 4.1.2 using language US English on a 32-Bit and 64-bit Linux distributions.For 64-Bit platforms, there will be a minor changes in directory names, but the installation instructions same for both the architectures.If your system doesn’t have Java installed on it, you can run the following command to install Java on Debian and its derivatives: Before you begin the installation, you will have to remove the already installed versions of either Open Office and Libre Office software on your Ubuntu System.Apache Open Office is a most popular and open source application suit for Linux, Windows & Mac used for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, database, formula and much more.If you like Open Office.org, you might consider using Libre Office, which is the new default office suite in Ubuntu.