Updating photoshop cs3

To change your image display settings, see Control graphics’ display performance.This option tells In Design to read links from OPI comments for images included (or nested) in the graphic.

Typically, you choose Perceptual (Images) because it accurately represents colors in photographs.

The Saturation (Graphics), Relative Colorimetric, and Absolute Colorimetric options are better for areas of solid color; they don’t reproduce photographs well.

Some image-editing programs can’t specify a non-white background color for PNG graphics.

Select this option to adjust the gamma (midtone) values of a PNG graphic as you place it.

However, it is only enabled if Use Transparency Information is activated.

If this option is selected, white is used as the background color when applying transparency information.

When you select this option, the OPI links appear in the Links panel.

Also select this option when you import EPS files containing OPI comments that are not part of a proxy-based workflow.

For example, if you import an EPS file containing OPI comments for an omitted TIFF or bitmap image, you’ll want to select this option so that In Design can access the TIFF information when you output the file. Select this option to generate the proxy image of the existing preview.

If a preview does not exist, the proxy is generated by rasterizing the EPS to an offscreen bitmap.

However, pasting Illustrator graphics allows you to edit paths in In Design. The options available to you when you place a graphics file depend on the type of graphic.