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Rundeck is a Java-Servlet based server and therefore requires the Java runtime.

The install process requires that the latest version of Java 8 be installed. You must have the JAVA_HOME environment variable defined in your environment before running the launcher. See Setting JAVA_HOME if you want to run a different version of java.

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-b,--basedir These options can be used to customize the directories used by the launcher.By default all the directories are organized by convention within the current working directory where the launcher jar is located.If you are at least on 2008R2, you can install the ARR extension to proxy requests to the Jetty instance.To do so, we need first to modify the port rundeck is running and specify the "prefix" for all urls generated by rundeck.Access to the Rundeck application requires a login and password.

The default Rundeck installation uses a flat file user directory containing a set of default logins.Verify your Java version to check it meets the requirement: The installation procedures describe how to choose different ports, if there is a conflict.In addition, TCP port 22 (by default) needs to be open on the clients for SSH.Clients should be set up to allow the Rundeck server user to connect to the clients using SSH via public-key authentication. See Configure remote machine for SSH in the Administration chapter.There are various ways for installing SSH on Windows; we recommend Cygwin. The RPM build depends on the documentation as well.Rundeck is a server application you host on a system you designate a central administrative control point.