Updating vfp runtimes with sp2

I created a COM-visible assembly that allows C# and VB.

NET code to be run directly from a Visual Fox Pro application.

But, only time, testing and use will ultimately tell.

I wrote an FLL today that gives Visual Fox Pro developers easy access to the powerful Blowfish cipher.

UAC permission elevation, Reg-Free COM, String Table resources, internal vs. In this blog entry I present the Grid Extras class library which provides some cool enhancements for the Visual Fox Pro grid control.

Sorting, filtering, incremental search, saving user preferences, and exporting to Excel are provided for.

An update to the VFP Compression FLL that addresses some of the issues that have been found in the library.

Of particular interest are the fixes that have been made to the Zip String and Unzip String functions.That makes 5 consecutive years that Alex has been a force to reckon with in the Visual Fox Pro Community. Another bug fix, this time in the encryption routines for files that were recently added.I believe the FLL is getting very close to being virtually bug free now.Over the next few months Bo Durban and I will attempt to provide the community with more information regarding VFP Studio and the feature set either included and/or being considered. Using a loader/updater application for Visual Fox Pro applications can greatly simplify the task of keeping users' systems up-to-date and problem free after the initial deployment.In this blog entry I present a solution I created for updating VFP applications.The Visual Fox Pro extended MAPI FLL gets another facelift.