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- Twitter Integeration: Currently, Twitter Integration does not work while using LUI.

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Due to the way the module is handled, there's no way for us to force-disable it on profiles that have already been installed.If you're having issues with the world map, please disable it by going in the LUI options, click on the white section named Modules and click on World Map to disable it.- Tooltip: Fixed an issue with lingering player border colors.- Unitframes: Fixed an issue where Windwalker Monks with Empowered Chi were not seeing the additional Chi.- Unitframes: Fixed an issue where Shadow Priests with Enhanced Shadow Orbs were not seeing the additional Shadow Orbs.- Unitframes: Fixed an issue with certain race/gender portraits showing a full model instead of a portrait. It's mostly useable but has a slew of small issues that causes the module to be of sub-par quality.- Action Bars: LUI's built-in bars still have certain issues that could very well be considered deal-breakers with people and we suggest LUI users to use Bartender4 instead.- Unitframes: Our Raid frames are not very customizable which some healers may have an issue with.This isn't something we can fix, it's an issue on Blizzard's side, if you do disable LUI, it'll just act the same and blame another addon instead.

Due to this, new LUI packages on Wo WInterface will contain Quest Item Button Fix, if you download updates from Curse, you will need to pick this addon up separately.Prior to the update using the program, It showed me a version number that I had never even seen before.As for Zygor, I suggest you stick to Ku RIo S' official Zygor guide, where I upload I'm an actual buyer / subscriber of all Zygor Elite guides, and it said my guides were outdated, even though Zygor has it's very own Launcher and said they were perfectly up to date.Since this is a much more complex issue to solve, we can only suggest you look into other raid frames addons such as Grid, Healbot or Vuhdo.- World Map: LUI's world map module has several minor issues such as the player arrow disappearing when using maximized map and quest zone blue highlights not showing.It is disabled by default as of last version, but some people may still have it enabled.If you like LUI and would like to support it, you can do so either by donating or supporting it on Patreon.