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Major centers for the study include Johns Hopkins University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and M. The wide range of settings for the collaboration should provide “a broad-spectrum view of the disease process and of how this technology might be used in the future in real medicine.”Although the microsatellite instability test, if validated, might someday be used to detect new bladder cancer cases as well as recurrences, Schoenberg cautioned that even with a sensitive and specific test, screening for bladder cancer is challenging because of its relatively low prevalence.

But similar MSI tests might eventually find a role in screening for other cancers that shed cells into body fluids, such as tumors of the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract, he said. D., who heads one of EDRN’s biomarkers development laboratories at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, is using bioinformatics to search for biomarkers in esophageal and gastric preneoplastic lesions.“We have two things we want to gain from these bioinformatics studies,” Meltzer said.

Then, patients at high risk could be closely monitored through endoscopy—perhaps someday, even treated prophylactically—whereas those at low risk can be spared unnecessary invasive procedures. D., leads another biomarkers development laboratory that is taking a genomic approach.

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The first stage of this approach is the direct identification of candidate peptides through comparison of proteolytic peptides derived from the plasma of cancer patients or healthy individuals.

Several hundred candidate peptides were identified through this method, providing challenges for choosing and validating the small number of peptides that might prove diagnostically useful.

At optimal thresholds, elevated levels of at least one of these two peptides was detected in 43 (68.3%) of 63 women with ovarian cancer but in none of 50 healthy controls.

In addition to providing a potential biomarker for ovarian cancer, this approach is generally applicable to the discovery of peptides characteristic of various disease states.

In 2001, the EDRN unveiled a “road map” outlining five phases of biomarker development (see , July 18, 2001), which “is now widely accepted by investigators both within and outside the network,” said EDRN program director Sudhir Srivastava, Ph.

D., chief of NCI’s Cancer Biomarkers Research Group.

The application of Response Criteria used for endpoint determination in oncology and other therapeutic areas.

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In addition to describing this system [called sequential analysis of fractionated eluates by selected reaction monitoring (SAFE-SRM)], we have used it to discover a peptide biomarker for ovarian cancer that may prove to have clinical value.

We here describe a selected reaction monitoring (SRM)-based approach for the discovery and validation of peptide biomarkers for cancer.

To accomplish this validation, we used 2D chromatography coupled with SRM of candidate peptides.