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has developed a system that uses sensors on the skin of the throat and neck to interpret nerve activity.When users silently move their tongues as if speaking, the system can tell what words they’re forming—even if they don’t produce any noise and barely move their lips.

artificial intelligence will replace a lot of human jobs, from driving trucks to analyzing X-rays.But it will also work with us, taking over mundane personal tasks and enhancing our cognitive capabilities.Eventually, digital assistants may co-author anything from the perfect corporate memo to the next great American novel.Jamie Brew, a comedy writer for the website Click Hole, developed a predictive text interface that takes examples of a literary form and assists in producing new pieces, by giving the user a series of choices for what word to write next.Together he and the interface have churned out a new X-Files script and mock Craigslist ads and IMDb content warnings.

Most machine-learning systems are unable to explain in human terms why they made a decision or what they intend to do next. The military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently announced a plan to invest significantly in explainable AI, or XAI, to make machine-learning systems more correctable, predictable, and trustworthy.Your main AI agent won’t be the only new voice in your life.You’ll likely confront a cacophony of appliances and services chiming in, since companies want you to use their proprietary systems. ”) Your agent might also augment reality with visual overlays—showing you a grocery list as you shop or displaying facts about strangers as you meet them. Not to worry, says Subbarao Kambhampati, the president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence: Future agents, like trusted friends, will be able to read you and know when to interrupt—and when to leave you alone.You’ll give an infant an intelligent toy that learns about her and tutors her and grows along with her.“It starts out as a little cute stuffed animal,” he says, “but it evolves into something that lives in the cloud and they access on their phone.Numerous companies—including Sony and Apple—have developed wireless earbuds with microphones, so your virtual helper might be able to coach you on dates and interviews or discreetly remind you to take your meds.