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Stuart Spector Design Bass Guitars:: USA :: Custom made basses, EURO, NS, Rex, Spectorcore, Legend, Re Bop, NS4, NS5, LX, FM - STOCK, For sale, on offer UK, Bassdirect, Warwick, London, Manchester, Birmingham, With a heritage dating back to 1976 Spector basses have been leaders in design and build of bass guitars for 40 years. I wood like to thank you very much for your kindness, the last 3 month. Hope to do further deals with you in the very near future. i tried out many different 5 string basses in in my price range and ended up with the Spector legend custom 5, wow what a bass for the money.

The NS shape designed by Ned Steinberger in 1977 has been much copied but never matched! I will be back, if you can help me with another stuff. The range of tones from that instrument was great for what i needed (for a busy function band you can dial up a classic tone to a knarly warwick type tone amazing!

The instrument features a "Neck-Thru the body construction," which is carbon fibre reinforced in 3-Piece rock maple.

A Knuckle-Head / brass knuckle plate in black is designed for the white model, while the feature is chrome for the black model. Kael has performed with Spector basses for many years.

He shares: "Having played Spector long before joining Five Finger Death Punch, I am extremely happy to now be in a position to collaborate with them on the design of the new Chris Kael CK-4 Signature Model.

Each bass will include a special Certificate Of Authenticity signed by Stuart Spector.

Las Vegas, NV -- Spector and Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael have collaborated on the design and creation of the Chris Kael CK-4 Signature Model Bass Guitar.

Their strings are to this day completely handmade by professional string winders, who have developed a feel for string variations and can easily make adjustments during the production process.

Traditional know-how combines with technological advancements to produce a superior product.

These instruments utilize a unique combination of woods to achieve a great sounding bass that weighs in at a total of 7 lbs 12 oz.

The top of this neck thru body instruments wings are carved from quarter sawn sycamore obtained from salvaged logs of trees which have blown down in our local forests near Woodstock NY.

The back of the body wings is reclaimed redwood that was originally harvested in California between 75 and 100 years ago and used for the construction of water tanks which are sited on top of office buildings in NYC.

They have been filled with the purest NYC drinking water for all those years which continuously permeates the redwood.

I have searched a lightweight shortscale fretless bass for some time and found my dream bass online on your website. And this is really a beauty of a bass, great tonal variation, from woody to more modern. Gene Simmons (KISS) commissioned several Brooklyn Era SB-1\'99 basses from Stuart in the late 1970's.