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He also cites multiple studies on LDRs and I encourage anyone interested in LDRs to read his words directly from the source.

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[LDRs] were more stable than geographically close distance relationships as long as [LDR] partners remained geographically separated, but [LDR] partners were likely to terminate their relationship upon becoming proximal.

Longer absences between face–to–face visits and extreme idealization during separation predicted instability upon reunion" (p. In other words, LDRs tend to be more stable than geographically close relationships.

While the outcomes may be uncertain, there are multiple resources out there that try to make it a bit easier for you.

For instance, Sof R offers As I have mentioned, how we communicate (or at least the media available), allow for multiple ways to help people stay in touch—especially in digital age.

Over time, little things build up into big things, and then they can erupt like a volcano.

At least there is the potential for this unless you communicate openly and honestly.In fact, our affinity for travel, discovery, and connecting with others means that who we fall in love with (and where) has the potential to create difficult situations. Either way, long–distance is tough to do (just as it's tough to say goodbye). I did it while in high school, and it was so difficult then (and mind you, it was with someone in the same state, not to mention same country), that I promised myself I'd never do it again (even though I did).I mean, what are you supposed to do when love doesn't understand the concept of borders? You meet someone, you have an amazing experience together, and then, surely enough, it's time to go. But this is the real world, and in particular, this is the Arab world! Moving to the Arab Gulf; to Africa; to America for work.In the age of globalization, LDRs are something almost everyone I know of (Lebanese or not) have to deal with at one point or another because people are always coming and going.And many of these end up being international or even intercontinental relationships, not just intra-country relationships.So, as long as you are apart, you will most likely be better off than when you are close together because then the level of idealization will decrease.