Who is bethenny dating

I also believe the words were exchanged to two different people.The first half was directed to Bethenny, and then, starting with “You’ll be sorry” That appears to be a warning to Bethenny’s then boyfriend Dennis Shields about his opinion on being in a relationship with Bethenny and warning him away from her. In my opinion, this is the sort of nasty custody and visitation disputes that go on all over the country on a daily basis.

Since Hoppy has refused to agree to a settlement, or a plea deal, it seems as if there may be some benefit to Frankel in dragging this situation out.

Despite the dramatics on RHONY she seems completely unbothered by these court proceedings and doesn’t even need to show up.

It’s unclear which party bears the most responsibility for this mess. However, the sheer volume of emails sent by Hoppy could be considered harassment. You can’t ask the father of your child who has custody to stop communicating with you because he is annoying and overly persistent.

People Magazine has published excerpts from the court documents that are allegedly the basis for the five charges against Hoppy. On the other hand, what is he supposed to do if she cuts off communication? If you could half the mothers in the world would do this. Perhaps he was taking out his own policy and wanted to know how much she was leaving Bryn? might have taken a liberty by using the word repeatedly as only one face to face interaction had occurred and that was at Bryn’s school where there was some disagreement during a drop off or a pick up.

These are not new events, simply new charges added on to the original three. During today’s proceedings, Hoppy’s attorney stated that the plaintiff’s attorney’s had not fully disclosed their discovery on the two additional cases and he was therefore unable to continue with proceedings.

The judge order Bethenny’s attorneys to turn over the discovery materials within two weeks and reset the trial for August 8th.

(Hoppy denied the charges.) At his arraignment, the judge issued an order of protection against him for the next six months. Sometimes I feel a little numb like someone who’s watching someone else’s life.

“I’ve been having a difficult time for a long time, and I’ve kept that in,” says Frankel. It’s better now but still, it’s not party time.” RELATED VIDEO: ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ Star Bethenny Frankel Wants to Help Women be Independent “I feel traumatized and unsure why any of this happened,” she says.

“Or if I’m out on a date or with my girlfriends that could be fun too. I don’t think about things like marriage or having other kids.

I don’t care if I’m out with them and there are 500 people getting engaged next to me! “I don’t want to be alone, but I’m not going to make choices based on that feeling.

Even at the pool on Sunday she took a series of calls, no doubt discussing how best to help those stuck on the island - which remains devastated, three weeks after Hurricane Maria knocked out power.