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Her hair is plaited evenly on both sides of her face, a quiet tribute. "You're lucky I didn't rock the bandanna, too." Afterward, we head for her favorite tearoom off campus.Peter Travers reviews Portman says she's used to getting A's; she can graduate this semester, though she's thinking about coming back next spring to do more work.

"I've always found actor-y people to be really creepy." She laughs and stares me down. Unlike all the other rugs she saw, with their dazzling woven symmetry, this one has random blotches of color that stirred her.

Since there is no space to hang the rug on the wall, as she'd prefer, the rug is turned upside down on her floor, so that the backstage tufts of its creation head upward into the room; that's how she likes it best.

'Natalie has told friends that his residency should be about two years and since he will be working steadily and they will have more privacy overseas it is a much better time to have their next baby.' 'They will have more privacy overseas it is a much better time to have their next baby': The Black Swan star and her ballet-dancing beau were attending the Pasteur Weizmann Institute dinner at Opera Garnier Premiering at next month's Berlin Film Festival!

hen we first meet, Natalie Portman is feeling under the weather.

(Portman isn't her real name; she borrowed it from her grandmother to protect her father, a fertility specialist, whose name is distinctive.) Her first On our way to attend an evening reading by novelists Salman Rushdie and Jamaica Kincaid and poet John Ashbery, Portman chats about student life on campus.

"My peers here are pretty frickin' accomplished," she says.

Portman was invited to a Spears party, an invitation she forwarded to her guy friends as a joke.

"They told me they would murder me if I didn't go and take all of them, so I went with six boys," she says; her Ivy League posse drove down, after classes, to New York and Britney.

She has been in bed most of the day, though she went to her nine o'clock lecture and to a meeting of the committee she's on, to discuss which bands will come here next.

Here being Harvard, where Portman, 20, is majoring in psychology.

For her first two years of college, Portman lived on campus, sharing a bedroom. "I really missed that time when I could just stay up late and read and play the kind of music that I want."Her current apartment is very modest.