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“I am writing to you now on a matter of urgency that has arisen,” Mr Ross said.

“The draft guarantees to be provided by the State to support the staging of the tournament were received from the Rugby World Cup Limited (RWCL) on April 7.

In a letter to the Oireachtas committee for Transport, Sport and Tourism, Mr Ross revealed that advice received from the Attorney General states that emergency legislation is required to support Ireland’s bid to host the tournament.

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“It was known weeks ago that this would require legislation.

The minister has shown that he is completely all over the place on this issue and it would be very concerning if our bid to host the world cup was jeopardised as a result,” Mr O’Keeffe told the Irish Independent.

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Eamonn Sweeney Kids these days seem to be very fond of comparison questions. ' 'Would you prefer to have no sense of taste or no sense of smell? Brendan Fanning In the lead-up to the third Test between New Zealand and the Lions in Auckland in July 2005, the NZ union asked the travelling media to check out their bid for the 2011 World Cup.