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Essentially, he agreed to a plea deal that would reduce his charges and allow him to bypass jail in his sentencing.

The next month, Flav saved his own butt by dropping a hefty check toward the balance.

A separate report says Flav wrote a check for ,000.

Flavor Flav, born William Jonathan Drayton Jr., is an American treasure.

He rose to fame as a member of the famous hip-hop group Public Enemy and went on to have a lucrative career in reality TV.

As the story goes, the hit show came after a rough time in his career.

According to came around, I was very uncomfortable with doing it because I had a girl at home, and she got pregnant during the second one." The pair stayed together despite Flav signing up for a third season of shenanigans. There were droves of women not only vying for his heart, but aiming to make a name for themselves on television.

While it's unclear how much he owes currently, Flav maintains his family is his priority, despite falling behind on taking care of them.

"No matter what's in the media, I am a good father to all 7 of my children," he told the site. " He acknowledged that money hasn't always flowed into his pockets saying, "I do the best that I can with what I got and I try to make it work, and any man that doesn't take care of his kids is not a real man and he doesn't get good luck." He then spoke about his court appearance, at which he paid down his debt.

What makes this situation so bizarre is the fact he was rushing to his mother's funeral, according to Flav was charged with one count of unlicensed aggravated operation of a motor vehicle.

A year later, a New York judge took pity on Flav and sentenced him to time served because he spent several hours in the slammer following the arrest. However, the site adds the judge lectured Flav stating he should be a better role model. Fortunately for Flav, the police department, which captured him, was able to rush him to his mother's gravesite in time for the memorial service. In essence, he shouldn't be allowed back on the road for the amount of offenses he's committed.

Gibran attempted to conceal himself from danger by locking himself inside a bedroom, which Flav broke into.