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J-14: Is there really as much drama as we see on The Hills all the time? But apart from that, we all knew what we signed up for.

Jay: It's a heightened reality at the end of the day. Obviously they are going to play with the situation as much as they can because they're trying to make a TV show and you've got to keep it interesting for viewers.

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If Tamarama sounds familiar to you it's probably because you've seen them on MTV's The City. Jay : In 1906, Tamarama beach [in Australia] was actually an amusement park called Wonderland City. Jay: Universal came to us and said the girls from The Hills requested you play a show for them at this restaurant.

Originally from Australia, the guys recently moved to New York where we caught up with Jay Lyon who dished to J-14 about their debut disc, dating Whitney Port, MTV's The City and more! We ended up going to play this show and that's when I met Whitney.

Jay Lyon started off his career as a model and is a member of the band Tamarama, which take their name from the well-known beachside Sydney Eastern Suburbs area of Tamarama, New South Wales, in Australia.

They get their influences from beachside folk-pop artists such as Jack Johnson and G.

J-14: Is it difficult to see your relationship on TV?

Jay: It definitely was a weird start to a relationship.Meanwhile, backstage at the DVF Fashion Week show, Whitney finally confronted Olivia about stealing credit for pulling the cover look. I thought I did, but I’ll be more than happy to give you more if you want,” a hardly contrite Olivia snapped, before turning on her heels and walking away.Later at the Fashion Week afterparty, Diane von Furstenberg noticed Whitney sitting alone., Jay‘s roommate Adam basically kicked him out so he and his model girlfriend could play house without a third party hanging around. So that's all fine and good but after he broke up with Miranda, Brent/Jay briefly dated Tara Reid. All of the evidence was starting to point towards Brent/Jay being in opportunist.Just when I was about to start feeling sorry for Whitney‘s boyfriend I got information letting me know that the Australian rocker dude isn't exactly who I thought he was. I was beginning to think that he was only using the show to further his career as the lead singer of his band Tamarama.“Jay tells everyone that he's single, and when he goes out, he makes a point of letting pretty girls know he's available.” The pal says Jay did the show to get exposure for his band, but he's over the whole thing now.