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If successful Sandy-Annie pairings are indeed a “show-mance” between performer and pooch, then Berloni has spent nearly 40 years playing Cupid and helping to advance the course of true love so that it comes through convincingly on stage.That magic is accomplished through a certain amount of training, with actors learning and executing the commands that Sandy must perform during his 15 minutes of stage time.We have created a real bond, not just a theater bond.” Dogs being the creatures they are, that bond can be established, nurtured and even transferred.

The performers are just fine with the substitution, assures the man who lives with both of them.

Sunny, who played Annie’s faithful four-legged companion Sandy in the 2012 Broadway revival, will certainly live to bark again for adoring audiences.

Just cool your scandal-mongering, all you gossip hounds.

This is not a leading player switch-out of “42 Street” proportions.

Its a bit on the bubble gum side of music, but one needs a balance for the depressing music everyone else seems to make.

Its the kind of CD that I'd like to buy for my sister and girlfriends. Upbeat, fun, great music for tackling tedious chores or exercising.

I might be more of a fanatic than a customer, as I had this album years ago when the movie came out, and then lost it .

J-14 was one of the lucky few who got to be inside the theater for JB's 3D movie premiere last night in LA!

“Many nights each week, Issie will have a sleepover with the dogs.

She feeds then and when she goes to bed, they curl right up with her.

As we finally sat in our seat, we realized we were sitting one row away from Jonas!