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She was with her Dad when he unexpectedly passed way.

Now 17 years old Nadine is a junior in high school and in seemingly self imposed exile with her only friend Krista (Richardson).

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Ellen Cole, curator of the festival, says: “This mini-fest is probably one of the most exciting that we have ever done – we’ve tailored it to showcase the work of female talent and the sheer amount of talent that applied has been incredible.

Our event is running alongside the York International Women’s Festival, which we’re incredibly proud to be a part of.”This unique event will feature Gracie Falls, a country and folk performer, who recently won UK Unsigned Songwriter of the Year, alternative Celtic, gypsy band Leather’o, which will feature a one-off full female line-up, folk and blues harpist Sarah Dean, acoustic singer-songwriter Rachel Croft, folk musician Holly Taymar from the band The Bronze and renowned prog-rock folk performer Heather Findlay, who fronted the well-known band Mostly Autumn.

Instead Jenner and Richardson only have unconditional love for Nadine.

Jenner is impressively strong in the scene with his Mom.

When Nadine comes downstairs, Darian and Krista are there, despite Darian's car not being in the driveway. I'm probably gonna jump off an overpass in front of a semi, so... I'm not gonna be a dick and make people watch, but it has to be big; it's gotta be so big that it just...

See more » : Look I don't wanna take up a ton of your time, but I'm gonna kill myself. [ Some of the best comedies distinguish the touching hysterical irony of life's joy and tragedy, and celebrate the very best in people in life's paradox. First time Director and Writer Kelly Fremon Craig masterfully navigates that fine line between cleverer than thou, and the reckoning of one's self.Szeto is disarmingly brave and humorously clumsy as Erwin, who really sees Nadine's beautiful soul. Harrelson's hysterical cynicism masks the most generous soul.Harrelson is subtle comic genius, and anchors "The Edge of Seventeen". He sees the possibility of greatness in Nadine, even though she can't, yet. Hailee Steinfeld is witty and boldly human as Nadine reluctantly emerges as the hero in her own story. We can all see the possibility of this for ourselves as well. Director and Writer Craig eloquently has Nadine's back.Darian and Krista might have been revealed as selfish jerks.Her performance is raw— we feel her agony, fear, and joy. "The Edge of Seventeen" is one of the best movies of the year.