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During World War II, then-Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret spent much of their time at Windsor, safely away from the bombing in London.

The castle survived the war years unscathed, but 50 years later, on Nov.

The castle’s not the only icon of British privilege on this spot.

A guided tour gives visitors a glimpse of the schoolyard, chapel, cloisters and a museum dedicated to “Eton life” (with artifacts that include the birch whips once used to discipline students).Even if you’re not touring the school, it’s worth the few minutes it takes to wander up Eton’s High Street for its mix of antique shops, boutiques and restaurants.I find it to be an especially good spot for a peaceful and charming last night in England before flying out from London.Even though it lies just under the landing path of planes coming into London’s Heathrow Airport, Windsor is a delightful town at night — and its B&Bs are far less expensive than London’s hotels.Dripping with chandeliers, finely furnished and strewn with history and the art of a long line of kings and queens, these royal rooms are the best I’ve seen in Britain.

Pay a visit here and you’ll see a grand vestibule decorated with exotic items seized by British troops as they colonized various corners of the world, plush rooms wallpapered with heroic portraits and some of the finest works from the royal art collection. George’s Hall is decorated with the colorful emblems of the knights of the chivalric Order of the Garter.

The town, which sits along the Thames River, has a wonderful pedestrian zone right in the shadow of the hulking castle, and an enticing array of small restaurants and pubs.

Windsor also works as a day trip from London, only 20 miles away and accessible by train in under an hour. William built the first fortification in the late 11th century for himself and his occupying Norman forces.

Each fork, knife and spoon on the expertly set banquet table is made of real silver — and the tiny pipes of its plumbing system actually have running water. George’s Chapel, one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in England.

Dating from about 1500, it holds the tombs of 10 sovereigns, including Henry VIII and his favorite wife, Jane Seymour (favored perhaps because she was the only one who died before he could divorce or behead her).

At this age he has already been a legendary TV personality and his contributions will never be forgotten.