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Her courses and classes at the PARC Foundation are strictly for high profit and, despite her websites that claim to want to "help, " neither her nor her staff, namely Doctor Mary Jane Julius (another scam artist and profiteer con) are willing to help in any way.In fact, if you research The PARC Foundation website, they falsely claim themselves a "NONPROFIT." Legally, they are, yes.And being a diagnosed narcissistic malignant sociopath, she will never change.

This is really the most unstable and damaging environment to seek "counseling, " "recovery, " "parenting skills" or any type of "healing" or "therapy" for any reason.More Urgent Warnings: Doctor Faye Snyder and her gang: Doctor Mary Jane Julius, Daren Lawe, and the other members of her mindless cult are actually ALLIGNED WITH MANSON GANG MURDERER: PATRICIA KRENWINKLE.In 1969 innocent Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkle coldly ad oh so eagerly murdered innocent Sharon Tate and her FULL-TERM UNBORN BABY!EVEN BEFORE SUSAN ATKINS DIED OF BRAIN CANCER, SHE WAS NEVER SORRY FOR THE MURDERS.In some particular cases, she is not connected to a particular court case such as child custody, yet she uses her knowledge of any certain case to take advantage and contact the court and make the most false and damaging report about a person! No, she cannot prove her lies, but she does not care.

All she cares about is maliciously doing damage to someone and feeling the satisfaction.

If she is questioned as to why she would ever do such callous things, she will answer with the phoniest reply and excuse ever.

Doctor Faye Snyder is a passive aggressive and very manipulative, underhanded monster.

She only cares about having a cult of mindless followers and destroying the intelligent people who see through her ego and harmful approach to parenting and other harmful tactics.

And she surrounds herself with imbeciles such as Daren Lawe and several other, on her staff of manson-like followers, because only imbeciles buy the crap that a twisted sociopath like her and "Doctor" Mary Jane Julius spout off.

Today, her son Scott Clifton Snyder is a working actor on a daytime soap opera, The Bold And The Beautiful, but he also has a very dark, violent side in real life.