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My friend takes 3 classes per 8 week period with no effort at all.

At this rate anyone can have a 4 year degree in a little over 2 years.

I would defend this university too if I have invested time and effort towards a degree with them.

During one of my intermediate accounting courses at AMU, in week six of the eight week course, a quiz grade from week two suddenly became two quiz grades, one of the new grades was my original 98% that the had earned on the quiz however the new mystery grade for a quiz I never took, was an 85%.I complained and told the school that I wanted the 85% out of my grade book given I didnt earn it coupled with the fact that it wold lower my overall grade that I did earn.Long story short, the ACCT Division head for the school became involved, he stood by his porfessor and said that they needed to add the grade for whatever reason.My Professor who added the rogue grade became angry that I complained and then went into my grade-book and o lowered some of my existing grades that had been in the grade-book for weeks.I took a look at his paper and I can only describe it as mediocre with grammar, and style errors. As a result none of the people I know who is enrolled in AMU even reads their free book.

He gets an "A" every time so I know his paper don't get read. The sad part about this, is that my friends honestly believe they are getting a good education.

I had and have screen-shots showing the inappropriate changes yet the school refused to do anything and the rogue 85% and the inapproprite grade reductions remained.

Fast forward to this semester, Im in week 7 of an eight week AMU course.

My sources come from many military students currently attending this university.

All my friends taking classes with this university laugh at how easy it is to get a degree.

AMU is a rip off when it comes to quality of education.