Xbox 360 music library not updating dating fun made online

Those videos will still not be playable after clicking the Restore button.

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To realize this new vision, we partnered closely with the Windows team throughout the development cycle on several important fronts.A great music app is just as much about managing your personal collection of songs as it is about playing them back.We created an entirely new user interface that blends the magic of modern design elements with the utility you have come to love in Windows.As you can see, we have condensed what were 3 layers of the app into a simple, single page with clear callouts of our major app features – collection, streaming radio, the store and playlists.These investments allowed us to offer an amazing experience in portrait mode, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by our customers using the new, smaller form factor Windows 8.1 tablets.

Key to making this all happen was strong collaboration.

Now, a user can click the "Restore" button in the app's preferences (located under the "Purchases" subhead) to recover videos that weren't properly syncing with the app, so long as the rights for those videos are applicable for playing on a PC.

Some videos purchased through the app on an Xbox 360 don't include the right to download them to a PC (and vice versa).

While there are many awesome new video features our teams created together like playing TV and movies from Windows 8.1 to Xbox One, and Xbox 360, improved video downloading, and movie hero search, I am going to focus on how together we have transformed music for Windows 8.1.

Our team has completely re-imagined and rebuilt Xbox Music for Windows 8.1.

The Windows team invited me to highlight the work our team has put into Windows 8.1, specifically the awesome enhancements we’ve made and are continuing to make with Xbox Music & Video.