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DONNIE OLIPHANT: Quality is paramount and is always a focus for XPS and all of Dell.

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Magg Norway: I see from different sites on the net, that is seems Quality Control isn't always perfect with your XPS laptops.Is this something you are working actively to improve?DONNIE OLIPHANT: Tradeoffs had to be made in order to implement the Infinity Edge Display.With the new XPS 13 2-in-1 you can use tent mode and have the camera at the top.We employ battery technology that when combined with our display technology and architecture implementation delivers class-leading battery life (up to 22 hours of benchmarked run time on the latest model).

We do all of this and still deliver an entry price point of 9.

DONNIE OLIPHANT: If you nailed me down and made me pick one thing, I would probably point to what our customer research has pointed to as the number one buying criteria (behind brand and price) for the last two decades – battery life.

Even at 22 hours of (benchmarked) battery life in our latest XPS 13 with FHD, it always seems like we don’t have an AC outlet in front of us when we run out.

Eag1e: How does the Dell XPS 13 Laptop compare to the new Apple Mac Book in terms of pricing, features, and performance?

DONNIE OLIPHANT: XPS laptops offer better performance than Macs with touch, newer processors, a better display, more available RAM, and a longer battery life in a smaller and lighter package in addition to a lighter hit on your wallet.

Moclyop: I tend to find the keyboards on your laptops a little on the mushy side, especially on the Latitude lines. DONNIE OLIPHANT: Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen laptop keyboard “key stroke” or “key travel” go from full (typewriter-like) 3.5mm down to 0.5mm on some of the more aggressive designs in the industry.